26 March 2009

Stan Parker
Trans-World Foods
Level 12
37 York St
NSW 2000

Dear Stan

Thank you for the briefing on your fodder and intensive crop production system. I believe your process is superior to any similar system that I have seen and will be suited to the production of both intensive high value vegetable crops and forage for a wide range of animal feeding.

The nutrient solution we tested (Batch No 9579-1 attached) shows a high quality liquid feed for vegetable production composed of minerals in the correct proportions for plant growth once diluted 1 part in100 of water for use. The only missing mineral is calcium but I will be pleased to provide a calculation for adding calcium to the diluted solution.

For animal feed a difference mineral solution will be needed that is specific for the animal and the forage type. For example grains are deficient in both calcium and zinc for ruminant feed (eg cattle, goats, sheep). I have researched and trailed nutrient solutions in this area for some years and will be pleased to bring my technology and know-how to the project. Using these specific blends your forage will provide a complete balanced diet with the right protein, fibre (roughage) and mineral content for maximum growth and production. Very importantly, your animal feed will be high in the essential Omega-3 fatty acids lacking in grain fed animals and hence widely lacking in the human diet. This will be achieved naturally, not with supplements, by feeding green plants to the animals just like natural grass fed beef.


Simon Leake BScAgr(HonsI) ASSSI ASPAC WMA
Principal Soil Scientist