Our 6 Day System

What is the 6 Day Fodder Farm?

The 6 Day Farm is a transportable, user-friendly automated growing system that produces a constant source of low-cost and highly nutritious fodder. It's like putting a 90-acre paddock into one shed.
The highly controlled environment is designed to produce nutrient rich fodder in commercial quantities in a six-day cycle using less water than traditional crop farming. Just 600 litres of water will produce 1.3 to 1.5 tonne of lush, nutritious fodder which one would have to compare to traditional farming.

The good news is the system will pay for itself within 18 months.
The company behind the 6 Day Farm

Trans-World Foods Pty Ltd is a dynamic new company dedicated to revolutionising the way fodder is produced around the world.

Our products will bring cost-effective solutions to a worldwide market facing a global food crisis and to an environment depleted of water and fertile soil.