How does the 6 Day Farm work?


The 6 Day Farm is a totally climate controlled environment with an integrated air-conditioning system controlling temperature and humidity and providing fresh air every hour.

An inbuilt environment analysis ensures the water is tested and purified before being introduced into the system.
The module consists of two containers working side-by-side. The six-metre food module is used for set-up, seeding and cleaning, and the 12-metre module is used for growth.

The growth module is a stainless steel lined container designed from the frame up to be waterproof, cyclone resistant, and insulated to maintain a constant internal environment.

Trays of prepared Wagga seed are slid into one end of the container and in six days emerge at the other end as fodder – day after day after day.

Just one module can yield the output of 20-acres of land at a fraction of traditional farming and labour costs.

The benefits of the 6 Day Farm

The 6 Day Farm allows controlled environmental farming, which opens the door to farming intensification and diversification.

It takes the guess work out of growing low-cost highly nutritious fodder. With the Trans-World system it's possible to drought proof your property and increase your stock carrying capacity. As well, farmers and breeders can control and calculate output in good times and have the security of a backup when times are tough.
The cost of feeding animals reliant on grain is reduced while providing the same nutritional value and minerals.

In a nutshell the system:
  • produces natural organic fodder
  • uses no pesticides or herbicides
  • reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • eliminates the need to store large quantities of feed
  • reduces labour costs
  • reduces water usage
  • reduces energy consumption
  • produces less methane