The 6 Day Farm – it’s the future of farming


Traditional methods of growing fodder are increasingly under pressure from global warming, reduced water supplies, poor soil, escalating labour costs and population growth.

Today's farmers are looking beyond traditional farming methods to sustain their livestock.
Fortunately there is a solution – a better, more sustainable and cost-efficient way to grow rich nutritious fodder. It's called the 6 day farm and it's brought to you by Trans-World Foods Pty Ltd.

Trans-World Foods has perfected growing system technology to provide a truly global solution.
With our 6 Day Farm you can turn grain into fodder in just six days producing around a tonne of feed a day. In other words, fodder self-sufficiency.

The 6 Day Farm is set to revolutionise the production of livestock feed worldwide particularly in drought prone areas or where sub-zero or extreme temperatures make growing fodder difficult. It will change where we farm and how we farm.