The technology behind the 6 Day Farm


Trans-World Foods has embraced and implemented world-class technology in the design of its purpose built module.
Although the concept of hydroponics systems originated in 1937, we've perfected the technology. We've taken a good idea and made it great. Most importantly, we've overcome the problem of mould, which until today has stopped this technology from reaching its potential.

Our self-contained modular growing system incorporates the most revolutionary technology in the world.

The technology includes:
• purpose built growth chambers
• simulated steel posts and tracks
• ozone friendly
• precision injection moulds
• perfected airflow
• high grade European pumps for reliability and longevity
• unique brackets designed to maximise the number of trays that can be stacked
• shelf supports – no rust, no corrosion and no oxidation
• UV lighting that ensures no mould or bacteria growth.
• a water delivery system that controls the delivery of water and diverts excess
water to another use
• double-glazed panels to allow plenty of light which delivers maximum growth
in final stages of production.

Other innovations include rounded corner trays that are easier to clean and offer less chance of residual contamination.