What are the possibilities?


We're exploring possibilities for growing more than just fodder and that has enormous implications for the world.

In fact, the journey has only just begun for Trans-World Foods. The knowledge of how to grow sprouts in a confined area without mould and bacteria contamination, opens the doors to significant opportunities.

Historically, the time required to grow seed to edible sprouts has been seven to ten days.

Now, our technology has reduced that to six days as well as doubling the grain's original protein content and increasing mineral and vitamin content 100 fold.

We're investigating developing the growing module for food for human consumption such as salad sprouts and wheatgrass for the fresh juice market.

The growing container is also an ideal environment to grow other foods such as lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes.

In the near future, it's likely that we'll have a system that will produce 800 lettuces per week in the middle of the desert or in a sub-zero climate. Now that's food for thought.